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Discover the new MATRIXTM potting machine and its top innovations - they will inspire you!

MATRIX potting cell

Made in a massive, welded construction, the compact pot cell forms the basis for the interior of every MATRIX potting machine.

In addition, it secures the entire work area and serves as a stable transport device.

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Innovative Elevator

The innovative elevator of the MATRIX potting machine runs across the earth container and ensures a precisely measurable and controllable soil supply to the pots.

Another novelty: The drive of the earth container as well as that of the elevator is frequency-controlled and computer-controlled.

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PLC control 
with touchscreen

The proven industry standard in complex industrial plants has also found its way into the MATRIX potting machine family.

A user-friendly, large touch screen can be used to call up preprogrammed workflows with different filling and drilling cycles.

Furthermore, thanks to the computer control, the MATRIX potting machine allows almost endless, individual process settings that ensure particularly comfortable handling.

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with electrically adjustable side guides

The linearity can be found again in the designation "linear potting machine", because the longitudinal side guides of the MATRIXTM -potting machine always run parallel.

This has the great advantage that, regardless of the number of pot tracks, the longitudinal side guides are quickly adjustable manually - or optionally by pressing a button.

For maintenance and servicing, the complete pottrack can be extended on rollers.

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MATRIX pot dispenser:
electrically adjustable

Pneumatically driven and equipped with double jaws, the robust pot dispenser of the MATRIX potting machine can be adjusted with an electric cylinder at the push of a button.

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Powerful drilling and intelligent drilling programs with crash-stop

Each drill of the MATRIX potting machine has its own drilling motor. Thanks to gear reduction, torque is increased additionally.

The drilling speed, direction as well as the drilling pattern (single / double) can be set independently of each other.

The software of the MATRIX potting machine ensures that it always drills in the middle and never too deep. Thereby, an incorrect operation is excluded.

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After selecting a program on the touch screen control unit, the pots of the MATRIX potting machine automatically adjust to the pot size used.

Therefore, no manual adjustments or further readjustments are necessary.

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The MATRIX security concept meets all international standards that affect work safety.

Large access doors protected by circuit breakers cover the entire work area. 

This not only allows a slight frontal access, but also ensures safe work on the potting machine.

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Further special features

service friendly

Reduction of maintenance costs

The very clear and easily accessible construction of the MATRIX potting machine ensures service-friendly maintenance and repair processes. Ergonomically placed protective elements are easy to disassemble and facilitate the work considerably. Another special feature of the MATRIX potting machine: the entire pottrack can be extended to the front for maintenance and service.

Limitless individuality


All MATRIX potting machines are compatible with each other and can be individually converted into any MATRIX model at our factory. A very large increase in performance (more lanes) or an enormous  change of the used pot sizes at the machine is thus easier and less expensive to implement than the purchase of a completely new potting machine.

Download the brochure

Currently we only offer the brochure in German language. You can download the PDF (~ 5 MB) byklicking the image.


1. What are the main advantages of the MATRIX potting machine?

The MATRIX potting machine allows

  • High productivity due to the multi-lane solution - 1 to 4 lanes
  • easy operation
  • uncompromising work safety
  • very good accessibility and ease of maintenance - no shift drum, no bolt, no turntable anymore.
  • low service and maintenance costs 
  • high individuality and thus high flexibility in design.
2. Why does the MATRIX potting machine have such a solid frame?

The extremely robust frame of the MATRIX potting machine allows:

  • a stable, double-sided seating for the built-in technology
  • the total enclosure and protection of the entire work area
  • easy and safe handling, especially for loading and unloading, as well as for transport
3. How long does it take to change the pot takeaway to another pot size?

With the MATRIX potting machine, the pot takeaways are set automatically by recalling the corresponding program. Therefore, no manual adjustments or further readjustments are necessary.

4. How long does it take to change the pot dispenser to a different pot size?
  • For all MATRIX models, the axis of the dispenser always remains unchanged
  • Therefore, only the jaws are symmetrically separated or closed by means of a crank and adapted to the shape and size of the pot.
  • The height of the magazine is set in seconds by pressing a button
  • During adjustment, a separate START / STOP assignment program is available for the separate operation of the magazine.
5. What tools are needed to adjust the longitudinal side guides to the pot path?

None. This setting is also made in seconds - at the push of a button.

7. I have a conventional potting machine with rotating assembly. Sometimes when I change my drill, I also have to change the drill sleeve. The access is not optimal and I need several tools and a lot of time. In addition, I also have to pay attention to the drilling depth, so that the drill does not drive into the pot and destroyes it. Does it take twice as long at the MATRIX potting machine, because has two or more drills?
  • No, not at all. The drilling portal of the MATRIX potting machine moves to the topmost end position for each "normal" stop that you have initiated, where it is ready for a quick drill change.
  • Since there are no different drill sleeves and all drills have the same length, they can simply be inserted and the setscrews tightened. Finished.
  • The drilling depth is beeing adjusted without tools by pressing a button on the touchscreen (also possible during the function).
  • Everything else takes over the computer control.
8. How can I stop drilling on the MATRIX potting machine if I only want to fill the pots?

At the touch of a button, on the touch screen. This is also possible during operation.

9. When filling without drilling, clocking reduces the performance of the potting machine. It would therefore be desirable to be able to drive continuously. How does filling without drilling work on the MATRIX potting machine?

The MATRIX potting machine can also drive continuously. If you set a certain power, you can assign the function of the pot magazine from the touch screen to match this performance. So you can also fill continuously - without any bars.

10. How should the handover be stopped? Does it work anyway?

With the MATRIX potting machine there is no more handover in the classical sense - in other words, the handover of the pot by the construction is already integrated into the pottrack. Whether clocking or continuous: the pots are gently pushed out onto the conveyor belts without changing direction.

11. If I change the power and / or the pots in my potting machine, I also have to adjust the export belts and the earth container. Although I have marked the positions with a crayon as usual, it never really works well. There is too little or too much soil and the pots on the conveyor belt are sometimes pushed together. How does it work with the MATRIX potting machine?

The MATRIX potting machine does that automatically. In other words, you can forego the colored pencil in the future. The control system makes the basic settings necessary automatically for both the conveyor belts and the earth container. Should fine corrections be necessary, they can be made also during operation on the touch screen at the push of a button.


12. Can I order a counter as an option for the machine?

This is not necessary, because the computer control of the MATRIX potting machine offers much more than just a simple counter function. It's possible to set up daily counters, job counters and many more. If desired, the MATRIXTM pot and earth management program also informs you about how much material (pots and soil) and time you need in the selected program to achieve the desired performance.

13. With my potting machine it is particularly difficult to clean the blades of the elevator. How can I clean them at the MATRIX potting machine?

Cleaning the blades on the MATRIX potting machine is very easy. You do not have to climb into the earth container anymore! You simply remove a side element of the elevator and can clean shovel by shovel at an optimal working height. The same applies to install or remove the shovels. For the separate operation of the elevator, a special START / STOP occupancy program is available.

14. Are also stainless steel buckets available for the MATRIX potting machine?

Of course. These are available either in a  standard or in double occupancy.

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