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The MATRIX Product Family

...all models and variants at a glance!

Potting machines


High performance potting machine
  • up to 10.000 pots / hour*

  • 9-13cm round pots

  • suitable for planting robots and manual planting

High performance in record time: Process 4 pots per cycle with remarkable smoothness, even at an amazing speed of 10,000 pots per hour. Completely without indexing rollers and pins, but with the most advanced technology at the highest industrial level.


Tree nursery potting machine
  • up to 4.000 pots / hour*

  • 15-22cm round pots

  • suitable for planting robots and manual planting

Optimal for tree nurseries: Maximum production, even with large pots! The T2.2 processes two large pots per cycle at the same time and is suitable for pot sizes from 15-22cm. Without a switch roller and pin, but equipped with the same modern technology as the MATRIX T2.4. A machine that will raise your nursery production to a new level!


Berries potting machine
  • up to 2.800 pots / hour*

  • 15-27cm square pots

  • suitable for planting robots and manual planting

Effortless handling of large pots: The MATRIX T1.1 handles pots up to 27 cm in diameter. Thanks to the belt storage magazine and the double jaw magazine, both round and square pots can be precisely separated. After quick filling, a drill (up to 180mm) processes the pots, simplifying work with large pots.


Combined potting machine
  • up to 10.000 pots / hour*

  • 9-19cm round pots, balcony boxes & hanging baskets

  • suitable for planting robots and manual planting

Flexibility without compromise: For operators who handle 9-13cm pots in high-performance operation, but do not want to do without 17cm pots or 30cm hanging baskets. Even balcony boxes are possible with the MATRIX TK. The changeover takes only 15-30 minutes. The MATRIX TK is the potting machine that adapts to your needs.

Tray filling


Tray filling machine
  • bis zu 1000 trays / hour*

  • Trays for 9-12cm round pots

  • suitable for planting robots and manual planting
The innovative tray filler for commercial and industrial horticulture. Fills 40x60 cm trays accurately and reliably, special sizes on request. Meet your individual requirements and increase your production. MATRIX TY - the future of tray filling: reliable, intuitive and user-friendly.



Pot2Tray robot
  • up to 6.000 pots / hour*

  • Trays for 9-12cm round pots

MATRIX P2T: Your efficient pot-to-tray robot in horticulture. Unstacks trays & stacks of pots, places pots in trays. For pot sizes from 9 to 13 cm. Automatic filling for optimum plant growth. Increase your efficiency and revolutionize your production processes with the MATRIX P2T.


Pot2Tray robot with printing
  • up to 6.000 pots / hour*

  • Trays for 9-12cm round pots

  • Connection for 1-2 print heads

The ideal solution for your horticulture business. All the benefits of MATRIX P2T plus printhead option. Even before the pots are placed in the trays, print company information, batch numbers or the EU plant passport. Up to two print heads for maximum efficiency, speed and customization.


Flower pickup robot
  • up to 10.000 pots / hour*

  • 9-13cm round pots

  • 2 independent forks
    with 2 conveyor belts

MATRIX DL flower pick-up robot: The groundbreaking horticultural innovation! Controls two forks simultaneously and effortlessly handles 10,000 pots per hour with smooth movements and high efficiency. Optimal for high output and nurseries that need to back up a lot.


Flowers disposing robot
  • up to 10.000 pots / hour*

  • 9-13cm round pots

  • 2 independent forks
    with 2 conveyor belts

MATRIX DL flowers disposing robot: the horticultural revolution! With the ability to control two forks simultaneously, it can handle 12,000 pots per hour. Smooth, precise and highly efficient. Ideal for demanding performances and nurseries with high production volumes.


  • 1 collector for 2 conveyor belts

  • 9-13cm round pots

  • electronically controlled

Unlike conventional systems, a MATRIX SA collector operates between two independent conveyor belts and instantly detects pots with optical sensors. The pneumatic holding device extends precisely and quickly, allowing the collector to reliably stop and collect the pots.


Conveyor belt systems
  • Choice of belt covers

  • Small end roll diameter
  • frequency converter
  • 1 drive for 2 belts
  • Controllable by
    MATRIX machines

The MATRIX conveyors of the FB series are tailor-made for modern commercial horticulture. A specially designed frame ensures excellent stability and a firm hold. With a diameter of only 26 mm at the end rollers, even smaller pots can be easily transferred from one belt to the other. Optional parallel operation of two conveyors allows both to be powered by a single motor. Ease of maintenance and the ability to customize the belt cover make the MATRIX FB conveyor an optimal choice.